Roktacular Spektacular

Roktacular SpektacularIn fall the fall of 2011, as a MEISA fundraiser, members organized a Battle of the Bands titled “Roktacular Spektacular.” Bands competed for votes and the winners won recording time with Sleepwalk Studio in Bloomington, Indiana as well as promotional services courtesy for MEISA.

Selection Process:

Over the course of 2 weeks, band submitted YouTube videos, studio and live recordings, and press kits for MEISA review. Members of the MEISA chapter then narrowed down over 20 submissions to just 5. These 5 bands competed at Max’s Place over the course of an evening. Concert goers paid an entry fee of $3, which bought them a vote. At the end of the night, votes were collected and tallied. Deadghost won the contest and received recording time and promotional services.