MINC Meeting notes 9.28.15

MINC 9/28/15 RECAP

Up Coming Events:

Tuesday– Battle of the Bands round 1 (Steven is a judge, woohooo)

Friday Oct 16 MINC and the Velvet Onion Show! – If you want to get involved, talk to George

Dues due (doo doo… lol) on Oct 5! 

Bloomington Music Summit (Conference)

  • If you have anyone you want to hit up for the Speaker list, let George know as well!
  • We’re building a list of people you all want to talk to
  • Think: record labels, promoters, agencies, etc.!
  • ^^Networking opportunity!!!^^
  • We’re pairing with Live from Bloomington for a little show case after words

Day of Conference Committees
Volunteer Director! (Yasmine or Dara…. Anyone else interested?)

  • Be the volunteer director and help us out!
  • Organize the committees and help with day-of operations

    Venue Operations (George)

  • General Check In/Registration team
  • Minimal Set Up/Tear Down

    Guest/Speaker Services (Joan)

  • Guest/Speaker/Sponsor/Business Check In/Registration
  • Hospitality Before/After

    Showcase Services (We need to find some good bands!!)

  • Performer Check In/Registration
  • Load In/Out

    Production Committee

  • Get hands on experience running a full show at a venue working with NXNW and Rhino’s Club
  • Talk to George or Steven if you’re interested

A&R Committee
–       Start devising a way to find the best bands in Bloomington for the BMS Showcase

  • We will be splitting the lineup with LFB

(so lets make our half better)

Promotion Committee

  • Create a promotion plan and timeline for our first show on Oct 16th at the Velvet Onion
  • Start thinking about BMS and how we can effectively reach out to all musically-inclined organizations in Bloomington

P/R Booking
– Start considering location for our 2nd show November 6th

-Go make friends with A&R committee to talk about possible acts


Aminah Indianapolis –Marketing opportunity**

-Prospective new club space opening downtown

-going towards a strictly EDM venue in downtown

-looking for a marketing person… IF YOU’RE INTO MARKETING- JUMP ON IT! (Willing to take on 3 more people so talk to George)


The (Almost) Heros
-Looking for booking a tour and album release show

-EPK (Electronic Press Kit) creation… they are looking for help to make this!! IF you have graphic design experience, cool opportunity!

 Serendipity Nov 12Th

-Looking for one more band to open for PostCard!!!



 TOMORROW UNION BOARD 730PM- talking about Little 500 band and whaaaaat not

 Battle of the Bands tomorrow at Bluebird!


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