MINC Meeting Notes 1.26.15

What is MINC?

  • Industry Conferences
    • Hosting and collaborating on conferences
  • Hosting Shows and Events
    • Plaid Rabbit
    • House Shows
    • Venue Shows
  • Networking Opportunities
    • Speaker Series
    • Networking Trips
    • Conferences

Plaid Rabbit Shows

  • MINC Fundraiser
    • February 13th
    • Rachael’s Café
    • Tentative Bands: Water, Birdbath, The Abby Normals, Postcard
    • Other suggestions?

Speaker Series

  • We want to make it bigger and better this semester!
  • Any ideas?
    • Publicist from Secretly Canadian
    • Music festivals

Spring 2015 Networking Trips

  • Nashville, Chicago, and Indianapolis are all contenders at this point
  • A weekend in March after spring break?
  • April 17th Weekend?

How to Join MINC

  • Dues are $10, turn in to George
  • If you paid dues last semester, you are good for the whole year


  • Battle of the Bands at the Bluebird tomorrow night! (1/27/15)
  • Alex G at the Bishop on Saturday!

Next week

  • Planning for Plaid Rabbit Fundraiser
  • Speaker Series ideas
  • Plan Spring Networking Trip

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