MINC Meeting 11.18.14

Conference Debrief

  • Thank You Notes
  • What worked well
    • Lunch right outside the auditorium
    • Speakers were really diverse and interesting
  • What can be improved
    • Room size was a bit too big for amount of people there
    • Speaker room was too far away from conference space
    • Too much food
    • More involvement/outreach from other student groups
    • After party was very sparsely attended
  • Ideas for next year
    • Aim for 100-150 person size room
    • Assign rooms for each speaker during break-out sessions
    • More “formal” keynote speech, rather than Q&A
      • Possibly fly someone out here who is more established/ well-known and advertise it a lot to get more interest
    • Try not to plan on the same weekend as IUDM
    • After party
      • Closer to the conference
      • Organize a more official RSVP
      • Is it necessary?

Plaid Rabbit Shows

  • Fundraiser show for trips next semester
  • December or January
  • Rachael’s Café or Max’s Place
  • Who should play?
    • Postcard
    • The Abby Normals
    • The Vintage Rendition
    • Forest Rambler
    • Fuzty

Pollstar 2015

  • Feb 19-21
  • Nashville, TN
  • Omni Hotel
  • Usually combined with BCEC
  • Applications will open in January

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