October Speaker Series Recap 10.14.14

October Speaker Series – Jack Mykytyn

  • Works for United Management and has worked in the past as manager of Phoenix and others
  • Background
    • Studied psychology in college, began interning in LA and then got offered a full time position
    • Because he didn’t study music in college, everything he learned was from experience in the industry
    • Piece of advice: Memorize Passman’s “All You Need to Know About the Music Business”
    • His job is to help the artist execute their vision, not tell them what to do
  • Question: Does the manager approve every tour date?
    • Yes and no. Managers look at fees, promoters, mass market info, and more to make decisions on dates.
  • Question: How did you get in touch with the artists you manage?
    • There are multiple ways like through agents, shows, etc. There really is no set way. Sometime you love and artist and go seek them out, and sometimes they come to you.
  • Question: What is your favorite part of your job?
    • When I can open up a magazine and see and interview I set up, or going to a sold out show for an artist who’s worked for it for so long.
  • Question: What is your least favorite part of your job?
    • Lack of sleep and stress
  • Question: Do you travel a lot?
    • I used to a lot in the past when I was a tour manager for different DJs and bands. Now I tend to only go to larger, more significant shows.
  • Question: When traveling with the band, do you work directly with bands or more behind the scenes?
    • In terms of tour management, they oversee every little aspect of the show (travel, expenses, profits, stage setup, etc.). Now its more about press and letting an artist know you’re there.
  • Question: How would you recommend getting to where you are today?
    • Find an in where you can meet people and get experience (local venue, bands, PR firm). Getting your foot in the door is the hardest part.
  • Question: Do you ever struggle with bands over different career moves?
    • Absolutely, but at the end of the day its up to the band. Its not my career. There are adults. Most of the time, the end up knowing what’s right more than I do.
  • Question: Any last piece of advice?
    • Don’t be an idiot. Act like a professional. So many people come in and want to be a part of the party scene, but act professional. Or else you’ll burn out really quickly.

MINC Conference Updates

  • In need of graphic designers for conference!!
  • Union Board has partnered with us, and will help us pay speakers for travel expenses
  • Official location is Wittenburg Auditorium
  • Almost all speakers are confirmed!
  • Next week we will be giving out roles for day of conference

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