First Meeting of the New Year!

Hi everyone!!

Welcome back to lovely Bloomington 🙂

We had our first meeting last Wednesday in Business 203 and here is what we talked about.

NEXT WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22 AT 7:00 PM we will be having our semester call-out meeting, in our regular room.  PLEASE tell your friends!  We will be talking about what will be coming up for us this semester and we will also let the new people what we have done in the past.  Don’t miss out!  We will most likely have snacks


If you are planning on going on any of our networking trips this semester (Chicago, Nashville, or both) please turn in $10 to Jacob ASAP.

Monthly Networking Series

We currently do not have a speaker for this month’s slot, so if anyone has a connection or knows of someone who might be interested, please let the officers know.  We can do a Skype session as well, if that is easier for our speaker.

Plaid Rabbit

Brian Penick, who was a speaker at our conference in December, is looking for a venue for a band he manages to play in Bloomington!  He said he would be okay with either a venue, like the Bishop, or a house show.  PR will be figuring out the details, so stay tuned for an announcement. 

Also, we are looking for people who may be interested in hosting some house shows this semester.  If you or someone you know would like that, let Emily know!


We need to come up with some fundraising ideas!  If you have any, come to the meetings and we can get this going.

And last, but not least,

The Chicago Networking Trip

We hope to go to Chicago in April for a networking trip.  We would like to plan this early so we have things ready to go in April.  This will be a two day trip and everyone may come along.  We will figure out dates that would work best for people who would like to go.  If you have a connection or if there is a place you would like to go see, let us know!  The more places we have, the better.

Phew, that was a lot.  Hope to see you all on Wednesday.  Enjoy your day off tomorrow!


OHH, and Happy Birthday to the Country Music Queen



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