MINC meeting recap for November 4 :)

Hey MINCers,

Here is a recap of what went on tonight at the meeting.


Check out the Facebook page for the application and send your resume to music.inc.iu@gmail.com.  You must fill out both and turn them in to be considered for the trip!!  Pollstar will be February 19-21

Other Networking Trips

We are thinking of taking a trip to Chicago in March or April for another networking trip.  If you know of any music professionals in the area, keep them in mind so that we may visit them next semester.


Dues will be $10 per semester.  You can give us the money at once for the whole year or pay separately for each semester 🙂 If you are planning on going to either of the networking trips, we will need that by December 2nd please!

Plaid Rabbit

The Halloween Show was a success!  Thanks to all who made it happen and to all who came to show their support!

We are planning on having another show on November 16th and on December 6th.  More details to come!

Monthly Speaker

Our next speaker will be on November 18th over Skype.  Don’t miss out!  This will be our fist Skype session.


Don’t forget Sunday, December 8th is the conference!  We are still waiting to hear back from a few professionals, but things are moving along great.  Thanks to all who are contacting the speakers.

Until next week!!!



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