Recap of October 14 meeting

Hello all,

We just have a few things to talk about tonight.


The movie Downloaded, which was going to viewed at the IU Cinema this Sunday has now been CANCELLED.   We had a little issue that did not get resolved so the screening of Downloaded is going to take place NEXT SEMESTER.  

We will now have more time to plan for this and maybe even have a panel discussion or reception following the showing.


Tonight we voted on a date on which the conference will be held and the general consensus was to have it on December 9th. 

We broke up into three committees tonight so we could brainstorm some ideas for the conference.

If you are interested in helping plan the conference you can join one of the three committees, which are:

Booking (contact professionals from Chicago, Indy, Bloomington, Nashville, etc., like promoters, agents, managers, and other people who are involved with putting on festivals, concerts, and other types of shows.

Artist team (contact professionals who work for a management company, record labels, etc.)

Day-of team (reserve rooms in the IMU, take care of signing people in, in charge of helping speakers, etc.)

If you are interested in helping any of these committees out, please come to our meeting next Monday to get involved!


Finally, we will be taking a spring networking trip to Nashville, TN to volunteer at the Pollstar Conference in February.  More information will be given about the opportunity and how you will be able to attend.

We hope to see you next week 🙂



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