Wrap-ups of today’s meeting (9/16)

Hey guys!

Here are some things we talked about tonight at the meeting.

Monthly speakers:

This will be a new feature of our club this year!  We want to try and have someone within the music industry, local or not, speak with us about what they do and hopefully, they will give us all some pointers!

This month, Monday, September  23 at 8:00 PM in SPEA 278–Ben Swanson, owner of Secretly Canadian–Don’t miss it!

Other interests: Kelsey Riggan and Ryan Craven.

We got a great list of recommendations from club members today, but if anyone else has someone in mind, please email Abigail or Rachael, or post on the FB page.  The more the merrier!

Music in the Digital Age

This year we hope to break up the conference a little more so that we are not sitting around for 7 hours just listening to the speakers.  Some ideas included

  • Screening of a Napster doc and having speakers
  • Just having speakers
  • Round table discussions/breakout sessions
  • Inviting other schools–Butler, Anderson

If you have any other ideas on how you think the conference should be run/what you would like to see, let us know!


Ideas for what we should do at some meetings instead of just planning stuff

  • Music trivia night, maybe with other clubs–BCEC!
  • Music service night
  • Invite Plaid Rabbit represented bands to come in and play a song or two for the club so we can get to know them and their sound

If you have any other ideas, as always, let us know 🙂

FINALLY, Plaid Rabbit

Emily is creating a FB group, so make sure to join if you are interested.

More details with Plaid Rabbit will be on the FB page, or contact Emily for more deets!

Anddddd if you have any other ideas about what we could do this semester or the next, we would love to hear them!  We hope that you all will stay involved and really enjoy this year with MINC.  Looks like we are going to have a good group!

Happy Birthday B.B. King.



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