Meeting October 22!

Hey all,
We went over a few conference details at the meeting tonight.  First, if you are volunteering be sure to pay your dues soon, and even if you’re not volunteering, remember to turn those in to Michael ASAP!

We will have a registration URL coming soon, so be on the lookout for that and make sure to sign up early so you can get a free lunch at the conference.  An email will be sent out once we have the URL link.

If you have any questions to ask the speakers be sure to post them on the FB page or email Jamie.

Other things:

Plaid Rabbit Group (our official name)

PRG is hopefully starting to get its gears rolling.  First order of business is to promote the group and get our name out there.  Jonathan is making a FB page tonight and make sure you like it and invite friends to like it too 🙂

We are also planning to have a launch party in December, probably the 7th, to officially kick things off.  We will have more details to come!
Later MEISA membs,



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