Meeting October 15

7:00 p.m.

Hey all,

Here are some things we talked about today at the meeting…

Conference (Symposium) things:

Union Board is taking care of graphics, designs, programs, etc.

Registration- we might not be able to do it through bursar, but we will have more details later on how to register.

Volunteers stuff:

We may need about 40 volunteers

-2 people per speaker ( 13-14 people)

-people at the registration table (3-5 people)

-ushers/door guards

(Possible) Promos for the Conference

   -tote bags

     -notepads and pens

-bottle openers

-iPod speakers



**A big thanks to Maha for putting together these ideas**

Here is a list of possible sponsors and people who will be contacting them:

The Bluebird–Brendan

Bloomington Bagel–Matt

Greetings, Noodles, Avers–Jamie

Cafe Pizzeria–Jason

Taco Rocket–Abigail


Tap Room (New place on the corner of Kirkwood and College)–Sam

Pizza X–Justin


If you have any questions that you would like to be answered at the conference be sure to respond to the FB postings on the BCEC or MEISA pages or through email!









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