Monday, September 17th


Hey all you music and entertainment lovers,

Today we talked about quite a few things!  If you are reading this post, I hope you have found our website and are checking it out.  We will be posting all of the important info we talk about in the meetings on here along with some other cool stuff.  It’s not quite up to the awesome level yet, but we are getting there…please bear with us 🙂


If you would like to stay with MEISA, please remember to pay your dues.  We have national dues which is $18 and we also have local dues, which is $16.  Please pay to Michael by October 1st for both.  Get ready for the benefits! National dues can be paid at Please forward your receipt to

We are planning a conference to be held on November 10 and we are in the primary stages of planning it.  Jamie, Monika Herzig, and Larry Jacobson have been writing a proposal in hopes to receive some grant money for this conference and they are in need of some proofreaders.  If you are interested, please let Jamie know.

Nick Light will be the keynote speaker at the conference.  He has had a lot of experience in the music industry and we are really excited to have him!  Make sure to check him out.

Bloomington Area Music (BAM) and MEISA would like to try and throw a block party somewhere downtown in the spring.  We are hoping to feature local bands, artists, food, and other arts organizations.  Be thinking of possible food trucks or other food vendors.

BAM is also launching its website tomorrow (9/18) and will be having a party at 7:00 p.m. at Max’s Place.  Go for a good time!

Finally, we are trying to start an agency to promote, book, and manage bands and other artists.  Plaid Rabbit is the name and Jonathan Gil is the man you should contact if you are interested in becoming an agent.

Well, that is all for today.  Hope you all have a great week!

Your awesome secretary,

P.S. attached is the powerpoint from todaySeptember172012


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